Cvartet Anima – CD "String, Camera, Action!"

= CLIC AICI = pentru a cumpara

BIO-Cosmetics va ofera "String, Camera, Action!", cel mai nou album semnat Cvartet Anima.Cele mai indragite coloane sonore ale unor filme celebre, de ieri si de azi, intr-o interpretare unica, exceptionala:1. 20th Century Fox fanfare2. Mission impossible3. Feeling good4. James Bond Theme5. Memoires of a Geisha6. Eye of the tiger7. I\’m singing in the rain8. For the love of a princess9. Parplay – Pirates10. La valse d\’Amelie11. J\’y suis jamais alle12. Schindlers list13. Go together14. Johnny\’s mambo15. Yumeji Theme16. Flashdance – What a feeling17. You\’re the one that I want18. Love theme from Romeo and Juliet19. Blue moon20. La bamba21. The Mission22. Pretty woman23. Once upon a December24. Game of thrones25. Hit the road JackBonus tracks:26. Godfather27. Zorba\’s Dance


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